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Beverage and Distillery Cleaning

When it comes to craft beer or winemaking or soft drink production - it’s all about the flavor. A sommelier can attest to the fact that it’s not just the hops, the grapes, or the ingredients but also the pristine sanitation and cleanliness of distillery vessel that impacts the quality of the beverage.

Beverage makers, such as breweries and wineries are required to sanitize their facility each day as per the GMP standards.  Our powerful cleaning agents are designed to exceed those standards in removing organic/inorganic residues and microorganisms from the tanks, pipes, and processing lines to ensuring high-quality output.

The team of chemical engineers at has translated the advances in cleaning science for critical applications towards the beverage industry's cleaning needs.  Our solutions do not use chlorinated, solvent-based, or acidic ingredients.  They are perfectly taste-neutral, environmentally and human-friendly.  Our cleaners are water-soluble and biodegradable making them a safer choice.

  • For the COP detergents and CIP soaking, aimed at the removal of sticky organic particles, yeast, and soil residues - distilleries use the 'Ultra CLNR-PRO' with pH 12 levels and strong antibacterial properties. With greases and soils requiring even tougher detergent - use the 'Heavy Duty CLNR-PRO' with pH14 alkalinity.
  • For general machine and dishwashing, we recommend 'Power CLNR-PRO' with pH 10 levels - it works as cleaner and disinfectant. 
  • For sanitization in COP baths - use 'Sani CLNR-GO' a premixed solution with DI-Water Type 1 with pH9-11 and quaternary ammonia premixed to safe levels of 200ppm. 
  • For glassware washing without streaks - use 'Turbo CLNR-PRO' which is our ammonia-based alkaline solution designed for intricate glass surfaces. 
  • For effective washdown of equipment, walls, and surfaces that contain softer metals - we recommend the 'Green CLNR-GO', premixed to pH8-9 and ready to use.
CLNR-PRO concentrates are to be diluted with distilled or tap water 1:10 ratio.  The resulting mix can be delivered in ambient temperatures or heated.  CLNR-GO detergents are already premixed with DI-water Type 1 reagent to the required levels and are ready-to-use.

    The rinsing step is a must in all cleaning processes.  For craft breweries and winemakers who pride themselves in achieving absolute sterility of their fermentation tanks, we recommend using Deionized water.  We sell Di-Water Type 1 for rinsing and mixing purposes (where it makes business sense) and deliver anywhere in the continental USA.

    Types of facilities using our products:
    • Commercial and Craft Breweries, Brewpubs, Taprooms.
    • Commercial and Craft Winemakers.
    • Hard liquor distilleries.
    • Commercial beverage soft-drink, fermented drinks, tea makers.
    • Bottling and packaging operations.

    To determine which detergent is best for your operations and to obtain free samples please contact us at

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