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Laboratory Glass Cleaning

Our detergents are a unique fit for laboratory glassware cleaning and sanitization.  Our unique formula across standard cleaners is alkaline-based (KOH) with special additives to create electrostatic charges on the surface. A few of our specialty products contain NH4OH (ammonia) to enhance penetration on the intricate surfaces and volumetric glassware. All products deliver a powerful cleaning action, deep penetrations, and the ability to prevent re-depositing of particles during the cleaning cycle. 


  • For COP machine washing of glassware
  • For CIP countertop cleaning, floors, and walls spraying 
  • For ultra-sonic and mega-sonic operations
  • For Sanitization and neutralizing microbial or bacteria growth
  • For soapy baths and soaking
  • All detergents are safe to use on glass with rinsing

Recommended uses:

  • For heavy lift action of sticky matters, greases, and organic soils we recommend 'Ultra CLNR-PRO' with pH12 alkalinity or 'Heavy-Duty CLNR-PRO' with pH14.
  • For the COP machine or power washing or CIP spraying, we recommend the 'Power CLNR-PRO' with a pH10 alkalinity.
  • For ultra-sonic and mega-sonic machines aimed at removing the ultrafine particles >10nm, we recommend the 'Electro CLNR-PRO' concentrates.  
  • For calibrated labware and intricate surface sonic cleaning, we have developed the 'Turbo CLNR-PRO' - unique ammonia alkaline pH 9-11 mix, to be diluted with water 1:30.
  • For Sanitization and cleaning in 1 step, our proven 'Sani-CLNR-GO' is a ready-to-use 'third sink' low foaming detergent with quaternary-ammonium compounds (QACs). QACs are premixed to safe levels.
  • For CIP everyday use we have developed 'Green CLNR-GO'.

    Typically our concentrated "PRO" detergents are to be mixed 1:10 with Di-Water. In the case 'Turbo' (ammonia-based) the prescribed dilution is 1:30. Our detergents are made to higher ISO standards fit for all types of labs.

    • Analytical and Quality Laboratories
    • Biosafety Labs
    • Cleanrooms
    • Clinical and Medical Laboratories
    • Incubator Labs
    • Production Labs
    • Research & Development (R&D) Laboratories

    All of our products are biodegradable and non-toxic when diluted to the prescribed levels.  They do not contain chlorine, solvents, or abrasive acids. Our solutions do contain safe levels of phosphates, less than 8.7% per volume in diluted form and are safe to dispose of per Operational Permits available to your facility.

    Rinsing steps:

    The rinsing of critical glassware is a must in all processes when using detergents. In medical and science labs it is recommended to rinse with Deionized Water Type 1.  (We offer Type 1 for our clients in the continental USA).

    We are happy to provide you with consultation and free samples of any of our products.  Send us a note to

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