Now available! Sanitizer & Disinfectant CDC approved Covid-19 killer "Sani CLNR-GO"

Heavy-Duty CLNR-GO
Heavy-Duty CLNR-GO

Heavy-Duty CLNR-GO

Ready to Use Heavy Duty Cleaner pH 14

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Heavy-Duty CLNR-GO 

A Heavy Duty ready-to-use highly alkaline pH14 cleaner, premixed with DI-Water type 1.  Designed to attack and remove oils, fats, greases, proteins and an array of organic and inorganic contaminants in industrial and institutional operations.  It delivers strong antibacterial properties.  

It is a food-grade detergent, free of chlorine, alcohol, or acid.


  • Used as a soaking detergent, as spray degreaser, and strong alkaline dishwashing liquid cleaner for CIP and COP operations.
  • In the Semiconductor and Critical Cleaning operations as FOEL cleaning solution in soaking or sonic batch processors.
  • In Automotive OEM and aftermarket Bearings degreasing operations.
  • In Commercial food packaging, kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants.
  • In Food Processing plants, Distillery and Beverage making operations.

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Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Heavy-Duty CLNR-GO (PDF)