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Shipping - Made in the USA. Fast delivery. Shipped Worldwide.

We make our cleaner products in California, USA. We are committed to make the shipping reliable and cost-effective to our business customers.

USA prices and shipping:

Prices are stated on FCA origin (our warehouse). The goods are passing into buyers possession when loaded on to the UPS ground truck or LLT carrier from our docks.  Shipping costs are covered by the buyer. COD  (cash on delivery) shipments are not permitted.  We have arrangements with carriers and UPS and pass on the shipping and handling fee.

For volumes < 70 lbs, the shipping is done via UPS ground and costs range from $10.00 - $60.00 per order, depending on the volume. It takes 3-5 business days from the time we receive the order.

For > 70 lbs we ship ground LTT (Less Than Truckload) in the continental USA. It may take 4-7 business days. Cost is calculated based on volume and distance and presented in a separate invoice.

Our Products

Worldwide shipping:

Our products are shipped worldwide. Pallet size, less than container loads, or LTT - are common. Currently, we ship to customers located in North America (Canada and Mexico, Europe, Asia Pacific countries). 

Shipping Terms Ocean:

Prices stated are FCA origin - our warehouse in California, USA.  FCA (free carrier) origin (our warehouse) means that we take care of loading products on to the carrier at our warehouse.  The buyer is responsible for shipping and other costs.  The buyer can designate the carrier they prefer.  In case where the buyer prefers the seller (us) to take care of the shipment we arrange the freight and ocean shipping on the buyer's behalf.  This shipping charge and fees are reflected in our separate invoice. Receipts for shipping and handling charges will not be furnished as a general rule. 

Any charges incurred for shipping will be reflected on the bill and must be paid by Customer. Title and risk of loss pass to Customer upon tender of shipment to the carrier. If the product is damaged in transit, Customer's only recourse is to file a claim with the carrier.

What about recurring orders and shipments?

For recurring orders and larger volumes we typically pass on the discounts and savings to the buyer as the result of scheduled continued economies of scale. We can offer FOB pricing if desired by the buyer.  Please send us your estimate for monthly or quarterly consumption volumes to We will advise you on cost savings and discounts that may be offered by

Order online or via Purchase Order.  Please request a free sample and consultation for your needs.