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High Tech Critical Cleaning

Electro CLNR-PRO line of products was designed for the Critical Cleaning of contamination sensitive parts in FOEL (front end of line) and BOEL (back end of line) manufacturing stages. The "electro" part of our technology stands for the chemically formulated electrostatic fusion created between submerged surfaces and the wet cleaner.  Electrostatic repulsion force removes particles without additional mechanical force.  Our electro cleaners achieve even better results with the ultra or mega-sonic batch cycles. The process can be performed at ambient room temperatures or heated environments, in static or filtered recirculated baths.  This line of concentrates is to be diluted per instructions with Di-Water 1:10.  

Methods and particle removal capabilities with Electro detergents:

  • Agitated baths
  • Power washing 
  • Ultra-sonic machines 
  • Mega-sonic machines 


  • Semiconductor SC-1 and SC-2 cleaning steps
  • In post wafer cleaning steps replacing RCA, APM, DHF 
  • Photoresist masks, hard disk drives cleaning
  • Optics and critical sensors 
  • Laboratory glassware cleaning 
  • Aerospace bearings - engine, helicopter, gyroscopes
  • High tech robotics, miniature mechanical parts 

    Product Recommendations for different steps:

    • For SC1 and SC2 steps in wafer or glass/metal substrate cleaning, we recommend Electro line of cleaners:  
      • Electro CLNR-PRO 310 with pH 10
      • Electro CLNR-RPO 311 with pH 11
      • Electro CLNR-PRO 312 with pH 12

    These are specially formulated wet alkaline concentrates designed for powerful electrostatic action to remove ultra-fine particles <100 nm size as well as residues, oils, and particle clusters.  Work great in heated baths and at ambient temperatures. Dilute 1:10.

    • To effectively replace AMP, DHF or RCA methods, use:
      • Electro CLNR-PRO 300, an ammonia-based pH 9 -11 concentrate. To be diluted 1:30 with DI-water.
    This ammonia-based formula excels at cleaning uneven intricate surfaces, specifically silicon substrates, hard disks, glass, wafers.

      The Rinse steps:

      For the best results after each cleaning cycle, it is important to properly rinse the parts with Deionized Water or another controlled H2O source. 

      • DI-Water Type 1 is available for purchase on our site.

      Get a sample:

      To select the right solution for your needs please do consult with our staff engineers. Consultations are free.  Free samples are available upon request too.  Send us an inquiry to

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