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Electro CLNR-PRO 300
Electro CLNR-PRO 300

Electro CLNR-PRO 300

Concentrate Critical Ammonia Cleaner pH 9-11

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Electro CLNR-PRO 300

Electro CLNR-PRO 300 is an ammonia-based low foaming alkaline concentrate detergent with pH 9-11.  It is a technologically advanced cleaning chemistry designed to meet the challenges of semiconductor/wafer uneven surfaces in critical cleaning in FEOL and BEOL steps.  

It does not contain chlorine or acids, to be diluted 1:30 with DI-Water.

Key features:

  • It is chemically infused with electrostatic charges on the surface and the liquid particles. Electrostatic repulsion forces remove particles without additional mechanical force produced by mega-sonics or under-cut etching from elevated bath chemistries. 
  • It works best with intricate surface patterns.  The uneven surfaces present an increased degree of difficulty due to surface damage from high power mega-sonics and undercut etching combined with elevated chemistry temperatures. 
    • Performs at ambient room temperatures in static or filtered recirculated baths.
    • Performs excellent at elevated temperatures and ultrasonic cycles.
  • It is a great substitute for NH4OH in an SC-1 or APM process chemistry.  It is made on the basis of TMAH.  (Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) is widely used in micro- or nanofabrication as an etchant or developer).  Our solution improves on results of SC-1(Standard Clean 1) or APM (Ammonia Peroxide Mixture) methods as it does not require heated temps or high power megasonic methods. 
  • It can be used to clean Ti, TiN and W surfaces.

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Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Electro CLNR-PRO 300 (PDF)