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Ready to Use Ammonia Cleaner pH 9-11

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Turbo CLNR-GO 

Turbo CLNR-GO is a ready-to-use pH 11 alkaline cleaner, with Ammonia additives and proprietary formula that works on intricate glass or uneven surfaces. It is premixed with DI Water Type 1.  

It does not contain acids or chlorine.  Safe for handling under the hood in industrial or commercial settings. 


  • It is designed for use on intricate surfaces, volumetric glassware as FOEL & BEOL cleaning steps.
  • In ultra-sonic baths, soaking baths, and in machine washing batch processors.
  • As a surface spray cleaner in CIP operations across Medical, Industrial, and Food/Bev operations.
  • Performs at ambient room temperatures in static or filtered recirculated baths; or in elevated temperatures.
  • It is a great substitute for NH4OH in an SC-1 or APM process chemistry.
  • As an ingredient in 'Bases' for lab glassware or medical tools cleaning.
Warnings: Never mix with Chlorine to avoid toxic reactions.  Always rinse with a trusted water source.  We recommend Di-Water Type 1 for rinsing.
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    Technical Specifications: 

    Download MSDS Sheet for Turbo CLNR-GO (PDF)