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Electro CLNR-PRO 310
Electro CLNR-PRO 310

Electro CLNR-PRO 310

Concentrate Power Critical Cleaner pH 10

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Electro CLNR-PRO 310

Electro CLNR-PRO 310 is a low foaming alkaline detergent designed for critical cleaning applications requiring effective removal of electrostatically deposited contamination.

It is chemically formulated to modify electrostatic surfaces charges on the wafer or silicon substrate surface and on the particles.  Electrostatic repulsion forces remove particles without additional mechanical force produced by sonics or under-cut etching from elevated bath chemistries. 

  • Designed to remove fine and ultrafine particles of >10nm.   
  • Used as a cleaner detergent in semiconductor substrates, hard disk drives, clean room ultrasonic and megasonic batch processors, and machine furnace baths for precision parts manufacturing.
  • Made for FOEL and BOEL cleaning steps in batch and bath processes. Used as a better alternative to 'SC-1', 'SC-2', 'Piranha' steps in semiconductor substrates, hard disk drives, optics, and pharma, lab precision parts cleaning. 
  • Expose substrates to ~1 min (40-60 sec) of bath time.
  • Low contact angle, about 6 for the main solution and <2 for 5% diluted solution.
  • To be mixed with DI-water 1:10.
  • Used as an ambient temperature solution or in heated environments up to 22-30 ºC (71-86 ºF).
  • Environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, no chlorine or acids.

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Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Electro CLNR-PRO 310 (PDF)