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Electro CLNR-PRO 311
Electro CLNR-PRO 311

Electro CLNR-PRO 311

Concentrate Critical Ultra Cleaner pH 11

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Electro CLNR-PRO 311

Electro CLNR-PRO 311 is a low foaming pH11 alkaline detergent designed for critical cleaning applications requiring effective removal of electrostatically deposited contamination, oils, soils, etching residues.

It is chemically formulated to modify electrostatic surfaces charges on the wafer or other hard precision surfaces (depending on the application) and on the particles contained in the cleaner. Electrostatic repulsion forces remove particles without additional mechanical force produced by megasonics or under-cut etching from elevated bath chemistries.  Its cleaning lift effect on particles is enhanced with a batch brush or power washing, as well as with ultrasonic and megasonic cycles.

It is designed and specially manufactured per cleanroom ISO standards to be a reliable wet solution for removing fine and ultra-fine particles of >10nm in FOEL and BOEL cleaning steps. 

Used as a cleaning agent for high tech precision stainless steel parts, avionics of mixed materials, semiconductor wafer baths, and in pharma.  It can be used in hot or cold water.

To be diluted with Di-Water 1:10.

Environmentally safe - biodegradable, does not contain chlorine or abrasive acids.

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Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Electro CLNR-PRO 311 (PDF)