Now available! Sanitizer & Disinfectant CDC approved Covid-19 killer "Sani CLNR-GO"

Food Processing Equipment Cleaning

We have applied the advances in the critical cleaning science into economical detergents that make the Food Equipment Cleaning a greener and better choice.  All of our detergents are based on a unique electrostatically charged formula that is effectively removing all fine foreign particles.  They are used in food plants, bakeries, restaurants, and food packaging.

  • Preferred for the "green" and human-friendly properties. 
  • Sensually neutral as our detergents leave no order, color, or residues.

  • Our low foaming powerful pH detergents were designed to eliminate cross-contamination, remove oils, fats, greases, bacteria, proteins, and remove microscopic particles. The wet cleaner solutions are sold as concentrates "PRO" and as ready-to-use "GO" detergents. Used at heated or ambient temperatures.



    • As a CIP (clean in place) spray cleaner and antibacterial agent for food processing equipment (meat, poultry, fish, grain).
    • For soaking and power washing of tanks, conveyor belts, stainless steel cutters and grinders, appliances, tiles, glass, floors, and tools.
    • Superior as COP (clean out of place) detergents, used in commercial dishwashers.

    All products are environmentally friendly.  There are no harmful compounds like chlorine, solvents, or abrasive acids. Food grade phosphate salts are present at the minimum and safe levels, less than 6.5% when diluted with water 1:10. Caustic if not rinsed, avoid using on soft metals.



    • To remove tough soils and greases with added antibacterial action - we recommend our higher alkalinity detergents 'Heavy-Duty' and 'Ultra' CLNR-PRO' (pH14 and pH12 respectively).
    • For machine washers - get 'Power CLNR-PRO' (pH10) concentrate.
    • For Sanitization as "third sink"- use the 'Sani CLNR-PRO' concentrate with ammonia quats and pH 9-11 alkalinity. This detergent kills 99.7% of bacteria and microbes. To be diluted 1:30.
    • For everyday CIP washdowns - use 'Green CLNR-GO' pH8-9.
    • Rinsing steps are recommended after applying our products.

    Rinsing steps:

    Rinsing is recommended after all cleaning and sanitization cycles. Typically food operators already have a reliable source of clean water for rinsing.  We offer all of our esteemed and repeated customers the top quality, medical-grade Di-Water Reagent Type 1.  

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