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Concentrated pH11 Ammonia action

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Turbo CLNR-PRO is a ready-to-use pH 9-11 alkaline cleaner, with Ammonia additives and proprietary formula that works on intricate glass or uneven surfaces. To be diluted 1:10 with clean water.

It does not contain acids or chlorine.  Safe for handling under the hood in industrial or commercial settings.  


  • Best on intricate silicon surfaces, volumetric glassware, in FOEL & BEOL cleaning steps. Ammonia gas evaporates leaving surfaces clean.
  • Used in ultra-sonic baths, soaking baths, and in machine washing batch processors.
  • Used as a surface spray cleaner in CIP operations across Medical, Industrial, and Food/Bev operations.
  • Performs at ambient room temperatures in static or filtered recirculated baths; or in elevated temperatures.
  • It is a great substitute for NH4OH in an SC-1 or APM process chemistry.
  • The concentrate can be used in KOH or NHO BASE solution preparation for cleaning of laboratories and/or medical ware.

Never mix with Chlorine to avoid toxic reactions.  Always rinse with a trusted water source.  We recommend Di-Water Type 1 for rinsing needs, available on our site.

Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Turbo CLNR-PRO (PDF)