Now available! Sanitizer & Disinfectant CDC approved Covid-19 killer "Sani CLNR-GO"

About us

We are a California-based manufacturer and a wholesale distributor of wet cleaner solutions used across high-tech and low-tech industries.  Our ISO-certified production facility and distribution center is located in the Bay Area. 

Our Mission

To translate scientific advances made in High Tech Critical Cleaning field towards a wider use in Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial applications. To deliver superior cleaning detergents and sanitisers that work better than the alternatives using harmful chlorine, abrasive acids, and/or solvents.

Our commitment to clients

We are committed to improving our clients' cleaning processes, bettering the environmental-safety standards, and delivering economic benefits at wholesale prices. Our staff will work directly with your technical or procurement leads to recommend the right grade of cleaners, provide competitive pricing, and just-in-time deliveries.  

Small and Large Businesses can place orders on our site and receive wholesale discounts with annual or on-the-spot purchases.  We will make every effort to provide the most competitive pricing, please share your target.  Net payment terms are available with volume commitments.

About Our Line of Products:

The "Electro" line of concentrates are made to meet the critical cleaning requirements for removing fine and ultra-fine particles.

Our general cleaners + sanitizer for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional vary in their content of pH from 8-14 and strength. They are available as concentrates "Pro" and as ready-to-go "Go" solutions:

  • Green (8 -9.5 pH)
  • Power (9.5 - 11.5 pH)
  • Ultra with Ammonia (11 - 12.5 pH)
  • Heavy-Duty (12.5-14 pH)
  • Sanitizer (8-10 pH)

Our Offices:

Production facility - Bay Area, CA, USA

Operations - Longmont, CO, USA

East Coast Sales - Bethesda, MD, USA