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Ready to Use Green Cleaner

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Green CLNR-GO 

Green CLNR-GO Cleaner is a ready-to-use wet detergent. Designed for commercial, institutional and household surface cleaning with the alkalinity of 9 pH levels.  Preferred by food processing plants, beverage & distilleries for tank cleaning, labs for glassware machine or soak washing, FEOL (front end of line) and BEOL (back end of line) in manufacturing, and commercial kitchens as a machine washing detergent.  

Key features:

  • Superior cleaning properties enhanced with electrostatic chemistry
  • It is a non-toxic, non-chlorinated, no acid cleaner
  • Multi-purpose fit for CIP and COP operations.
  • It has mild antibacterial properties.
  • It is a powerful agent removing greases, organic and inorganic soils.
  • Removes >100nm fine particles in ultrasonic and megasonic baths.

Used in these operations:

  • Multipurpose Commercial COP dishwashing and soaking.
  • As Industrial-Institutional dishwashing, soaking, spray cleaner
  • Spray-n-soak CIP solution for working benches, conveyors, glass, countertops of mixed materials, and stainless steel equipment. 
  • Laboratory glass soaking and machine washing. 
  • Tools cleaning in Medical institutions.
  • Food and Beverage CIP or COP cleaning steps. 
  • Ultra-sonic baths and washers in heated or ambient states in Pharma, Cannabis, Medical and R&D Labs.

This cleaner is pre-mixed with high-quality DI-Water Type 1.  It is safe for handling and disposing of down the drain for Commercial entities.  Phosphate levels do not exceed 3% by weight, accepted in all US states as safe for Commercial uses.  

A rinsing step is necessary and prescribed for all caustic wet cleaners. We recommend Di-Water for all contamination sensitive operations requiring high levels of sterility.

For volume orders and monthly deliveries, we offer discounts.  Free samples available upon request.

Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Green CLNR-GO (PDF)