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Cannabis Industrial Cleaners

Best Cleaners for Cannabis THC & CBD extraction operations:

For cannabis operations, the cleaning standards differ state by state in the USA. It is generally accepted that higher standards found at Pharma and Labs should be adopted for CBD and THC production. Reducing the likelihood of accidental batch cross-contamination is the goal in all steps -from loading to CO2 extraction to mixing and packaging steps. 

The best Cleaners should be capable of removing the following contaminants in one cycle: cannabinoids THC and cannabidiol CBD, residues of flower and oil, hydrocarbons, sugars, fatty acids, flavonoids, terpenes, among other compounds. The cleaning process requires deep penetrating chemistry to varying surfaces and equipment.  Many operations include COP power washing and-or ultrasonic baths for glass and disassembled stainless steel parts.

The CleanerEng's products line with unique formula is excellent for cannabis cleaning on a small and industrial scale. Testing has shown that the 'Power', 'Ultra', 'Sani' or 'Green' products with a range of pH9-12 work best.  These solutions can clean >100nm particles. You can test it too.


  • CO2 extraction & Testing equipment and parts CIP cleaning – stainless steel tanks, pipes, champers, dispersing nozzles.
  • In Ultrasonic baths for Infusion & Emulsifying parts COP.
  • Soaking of mixing tanks, baking trays, and cooking tools, ss, glass.
  • CIP spraying and soaking of sorting, packaging equipment.
  • In machine washing for glassware, pipettes, pipes, and nozzles.
  • CIP countertops and surrounding surfaces.


  • For CIP removal of tough soils, residues grease, oils - use 'Ultra CLNR-PRO', heated or ambient temps,  pH12 low foaming and fast-acting cleaner. 
  • For COP manual soaking of cleaning tanks and chambers use a pH10 ‘Power CLNR-PRO’.
  • For ultrasonic baths and machine batch processing in dishwashing – use 'Ultra' for the 1st cycle and 'Power' for final. 
  • For spraying working benches, countertops, and equipment – use 'Green CLNR-GO', premixed with Di-Water Type 1 solution. 
  • For Sanitization baths – we recommend Sani CLNR-GO, packed with ammonia QACs and alkaline chemistry.  Allow 10-20 min.
  • For Rinsing steps – use deionized water, preferably DI-Water Type 1.

Our products do not contain abrasive acids, chlorine, or solvents.  They are odorless, clear color, deep penetrating cleaners.  Caustic by design, with phosphates mixed to safe levels, low foaming, greywater convertible, easy to rinse.  The concentrates are the economical choice, to be diluted 1:10 with water.  Heated environment for wet cleaners is preferred. Allow for 10-20 minutes of time for the solution to penetrate residues.

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