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DI Water Type 1
DI Water Type 1

DI Water Type 1

Deionized Water Type 1

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DI Water Type 1

DI Water Type 1 is the highest purity Reagent Deionized water for critical and commercial mixing with concentrates. pH 7 neutral. Recommended for final Rinsing steps in contamination sensitive operations.  


  • For mixing and dilution of concentrated "PRO" cleaning detergents.
  • Excellent rinsing agent for Critical Cleaning steps (semiconductor, hard disk drives) post SC1, SC2, HF, AMP or other processes. Used as a hot or cold rinsing solution in ultra-sonic, mega-sonic machines, power washers of critical contamination sensitive components, like wafer cleaning post etching and photoresist. 
  • Prescribed as mixing agent in Pharma applications such as HPLC, Mobile Phase Preparation, blanks and sample dilution.
  • In Laboratories for rinsing after Strong, Weak Acid or BASE baths.
  • In bio-engineering for preparation of buffers, mammalian cell culture, IVF, reagents for DNA sequencing, PCR, electrophoresis.
  • Used as a rinsing and anti-bacterial agent in various Food and Beverage operations. It washes out chlorinated or acidic particles and exhibits strong sanitation properties.
  • Not intended for human consumption.

Properties of DI Water Type 1 per ASTM:

Available only to clients in the continental USA.  Customers located outside of the USA, in island territories, should source the same product locally (to justify the cost).


Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for DI Water Type 1 (PDF)