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Ready to Use Ultra Cleaner pH 12

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Ultra CLNR-GO 

An ultra-strong ready-to-use cleaner.  It contains an alkaline formula of pH 12, premixed with DI Water Type 1.

It is a food-grade mix, absent of chlorine or acid additives with strong anti-bacterial properties. It has no odor and is visually clear with low foaming properties.



  • Safe for hard surfaces and silicon substrates.
  • Used as a soaking detergent, as spray degreaser, and strong alkaline dishwashing liquid cleaner for CIP and COP operations.
  • In the Semiconductor and Critical Cleaning operations as FOEL cleaning solution in soaking or sonic batch processors.
  • In Automotive OEM and aftermarket Bearings degreasing operations.
  • In Commercial food packaging, kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants.
  • In Food Processing plants, Distillery and Beverage making operations.
  • Preferred by Wine, Beer, Food sommeliers and technicians for cleaning distillery tanks, stainless steel equipment, floors, tiles, and countertops.

Not to be used as a prolonged soaker on parts made with soft metals (aluminum, zink) or thin glass without a rinsing step.

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Technical Specifications: 

Download MSDS Sheet for Ultra CLNR-GO (PDF)