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Laboratory Glass Cleaning Advanced Chemistry

Laboratory glassware cleaning with CLNR-PRO detergents has gained recognition amongst the lab operations sterility experts. This is a new kind of cleaning tech infused with electrostatically charged chemistry.  Originally designed for critical cleaning of Semiconductor wafers, photomasks, hard disk drives, and avionic sensors.  CleanerEng products are now used in Labs, Clean rooms, Pharma, Cannabis, and R&D operations. 

Laboratory glassware cleaning has been looking to replace the acidic, chlorine and/or solvent-based abrasive solutions. CleanerEng has developed the alternative line of detergents that work best on lab glass, ceramics, ss metal parts, and intricate volumetric ware.

Here is a quick overview of the flagship products by

  • For sticky soils and residues, the 'Ultra' or 'Heavy-duty' cleaners are recommended with high alkalinity of pH 12 and 14 respectively.  Both of these high alkali detergents pack antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. 
  • For the machine washing, sonic, or for every day soaking of glassware, the 'Power CLNR' formula is most economical as a concentrate.  Formulated to pH10 and used in heated or ambient temperatures, to be diluted 1:10. Excellent antibacterial solution. 
  • For removing ultrafine particle 10 - 100nm in sonic or mega-sonic baths the original "Electro" line of products is recommended.
  • For NH4OH type washing or soaking under the hood, technicians prefer the 'Turbo CLNR' - it is ammonia-based detergent containing alkali and proprietary formula.  It works best on volumetric glassware, pipettes, burettes, and intricately surfaced materials.
  • For Sanitization steps, a Quteneray Ammonia with KOH electrostatic formula dubbed "Sani CLNR-GO" with pH9-11 works best.  The 'quats' are the sanitization compound premixed to the safe levels.
  • For soaking or power washing - "Green CLNR-GO"  with pH 8.5 is the recommended reliable solution.  It is a ready-to-use mix.
  • For BASE mixing with strong or mild alkali properties, we recommend the  'Power CLNR-PRO' (KOH based) or 'Turbo CLNR-PRO' (NH4OH) based solutions.

Note: Rinsing step is important after all applied CLNR detergents whether they are used as part of the machine cycle, soaking baths, or manual washing. For rinsing, we recommend Di-water with ionized properties, available as Type 1 purest form.

CleanerEng team is breaking down the walls between the semiconductor and other industries in pursuit of translating the latest scientific advances in cleaning towards wider use, specifically in Laboratories. 

For more information reach out to staff at  Our engineers will help you determine the right product for your laboratory needs.


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