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Better Cleaners for Food and Beverage Operations

Beverage and Food processing businesses are experiencing the same challenges with the cleaning of sticky residues, oils, organic particles, and bacterial contamination. Both industries approach their choice for cleaner detergents with regard to taste, odors, human health, and environmental impact.

Beer Distillery Cleaner Detergents applied 

To address these concerns the team has developed a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, low foaming and super-effective line of detergents. They work in COP and CIP cleaning methods and different surfaces ranging from stainless steel, tile, plastic, ceramics, cement floors, and softer surfaces. These detergents are odorless, clear, soluble, free of chlorine, free of solvents or acids. They are humanly friendlier and environmentally safer.  

Why chose a low foaming detergent?

Highly foaming agents actually inhibit the cleaning reaction as the bubbles often prevent direct contact and penetration of the sticky matter. Moreover, higher foaming cleaners will require longer rinsing time and more water.  The true purposes of foaming agents - to provide a visual indicator.

Low foaming cleaners are better in many ways:

  • More effective on vertical walls with deeper soaking penetration.
  • Provide ample visual indication of the covered areas. 
  • Better in COP dishwashing or soaking baths.
  • Pack better electrostatic and antibacterial properties.
  • Easier to rinse, saving operational time and water.  
Chlorine-Solvent-Acid based cleaners can not compete with advanced pH chemistry.

Another persistent misconception is the belief that chlorine, solvent or acid-based cleaners are doing a better job than KOH or NHO alternatives.  They are not better and are considerably worse for human health and the environment. Chlorine and abrasive acids should be phased out from use in food and beverage operations where KOH alternatives can do a better job.

Powerful alkaline chemistry by

The wine/beer sommeliers and food safety experts are looking for better and safer alkaline alternatives. CleanerEng team has developed a line of cleaners (and a sanitizer) with uniquely powerful anti-bacterial and particle cleaning effect.  Here is a quick overview of the most popular line of solutions for Food and Beverage cleaning needs:

  • Heavy-duty (pH14) - penetrates heavy residues, antibacterial
  • Ultra (pH12) - tough on greases and oils, antibacterial
  • Power (pH10) - versatile wet cleaner used as COP and CIP 
  • Green (pH 8-9) - mild alkaline detergent, safe for drainage.
  • Sani (pH9-11) - sanitizer, QACs-ammonia with alkali.

These chemicals can be heated or applied as ambient temps.  When heated they perform even better than at room temperatures.

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