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Electrostatic wet cleaners for Critical Cleaning

The "electro" line of cleaners - Electro CLNR-PRO 300 series - was developed for semiconductor wafer cleaning. 

Critical Cleaners for SemiconductorsIt has been on  the market for 20 years proving to be a superior solution.  The "electro" part of our technology stands for the chemically formulated electrostatic fusion created between submerged surfaces and the wet cleaner.  Electrostatic repulsion forces remove particles without additional mechanical force.  These cleaners achieve even better results with the ultra or mega sonic batch cycles. The process can be performed at ambient room temperatures or heated environments, in static or filtered recirculated baths.  


  • Semiconductor SC-1 and SC-2 cleaning steps
  • In post wafer cleaning process replacing RCA, APM, DHF methods
  • Photo optics and critical sensors 
  • In laboratory glassware cleaning >10mn
  • Aerospace bearings (engine, helicopter, gyroscopes, steering shafts)
  • High tech robotics, miniature mechanical parts 

For silicon hard disk drives and critical aerospace parts manufacturing we recommend:

  • Electro CLNR-RPO 310 "Power" with pH 10
  • Electro CLNR-RPO 312 "ultra" with pH 12

For cleaning wafers, photoresist masks with intricate surfaces we provide Electro CLNR-PRO 300, an ammonia-based pH 11 concentrate.  This solution excels with cleaning uneven surfaces and effectively replaces AMP, DHF or RCA methods.  This concentrate is to be diluted 1:30 with Di-Water, available for purchase as well. 

The rinsing step is a requirement for the best results after each cleaning cycle.  Use Di-Water for intermediate and final rinsing in all Critical Cleanings applications. 

Many of our high-tech clients have their own source of Di-water.  However, when there is a need for the highest-quality Deionized Water Type 1 - CleanerEng can deliver.  


For wider Industrial, Institutional and Commercial use CleanerEng team has developed a cost-effective alternative - CLNR-PRO & CLNR-G.  These products work great with the requirements of removing >100 nm particles.

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